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Mission Statement of this non-profit is to expand the knowledge of the Second Amendment and what it means, to the general non-shooting public.

We seek to correct the misconceptions prevalent in the national conversation on guns and the Second Amendment.

We seek to educate.

We seek to make people think.

We will use all forms of media to bring forth this message. Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Social Media, any form of communication and advertising will be utilized. 

We seek funds from all legal sources, and pledge that these funds will be used solely for the purpose of promoting actively the true meaning of the Second Amendment to the public.

This non-profit has been formed, due to the perception that there is no efforts being made to educate the public, despite other mission statements to the contrary.  Other non-profits have chosen to fight their fights in the courts, or in politics. We see this role being adequately addressed, and thus will not be covered by this non-profit.

We are a new organization, and are seeking funding, support and input from gun owners, non-gun owners, gun dealers and suppliers, to expand awareness about the vital importance of the Second Amendment.

Mission Statement: Quote
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